The IT Consulting Baldwinsville Needs

Based in Baldwinsville, New York, we are a business that knows business. Sure there are other break it/fix it shops around the area. We bring something more. We make sure you are treated with respect and honesty. WWDoT Computers also provides more than just a break-it / fix-it business. We are a proactive computer service management.

WWDoT Computers IT Consulting is your go-to service provider when you want a handle on your IT Infrastructure. Baldwinsville needs a service provider that will help out not only big businesses, but the mom and pop shops that make up our community. We offer you corporation grade support at a mom and pop price tag.

WWDoT Computer will get behind you and walk you through your IT project. We will help you understand where there are potential problems, and offer you solutions rather than just telling you what you need to do and handing you a bill.

With Proactive Management, you get:

  • Web Security - protect you from phishing emails and drive-by hacking
  • Information Control - making sure only necessary information leaves your network
  • Improved Productivity - happier employees and consistently working IT Infrastructure
  • SLA - a service level agreement that keeps us honest.
  • Risk Assessment - making sure you are HIPPA and PII compliant
  • Email Archiving- complete backup and archiving of your emails
  • Access to Cloud Computing - from Microsoft Office 365 for Business to Microsoft Azure
  • Information Backup - making sure you are prepared when the ransomware attacks

If you need to purchase new equipment or software, a network installation (wireless and wired) and design, network service support, remote support, IT consulting and project planning, or network security, you can count on WWDoT Computers.

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WWDoT Computers

Established in 1999, WWDoT Computers has helped countless individuals with their computer needs. From new computer builds and tech support, to network design and management, WWDoT Computers helps you Take the Stress out of Your Tech™


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