SkyKick Migration Suite for Office 365

SkyKick Migration Suite for Office 365 is highly automated and simplifies the migration process to ensure a safe, secure, and seamless switch of all email, contacts and calendar data to Office 365. You will see no interruption to your business operations.

By moving your operations to Microsoft Office 365, you are getting increased productivity and incredible savings. However, many companies hesitate to make the jump because of the complexities, challenges, and risks of the migration process. You are moving arguably the most important aspect of your business, your email.

With SkyKick Migration Suite for Office 365, you are only in need of a username and password to access the discovery-based planning tool. This ensures the migration plan of your unique business email structure.

The service's Account Sync technology and Microsoft Outlook Assistant, it is easy to migrate to Microsoft Office 365, preform desktop readiness and remediation, configure Microsoft Outlook and recreate your email environment. Easy to follow instructions are sent and tracked for each user, and with WWDoT Computers at your side, you can be assured a smooth transition. We ensure that there is not any data lost or left behind during the transition. This is done with multiple syncs before, during, and after the switch to Microsoft Office 365. None of the data is removed from the source but instead replicated and copied into the Microsoft Office 365 environment. With Real-Time monitoring, we will ensure that everything is ready to go before switching to the new environment. Best part is, there is not any interruption to your mail flow to ensure a seamless transition for your users.

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