Remote Support


Our technicians will remote into your computer to solve your software problems.


Diagnostic Fee


Let us find out what is wrong your device. We run a thorough system check so you know what you are dealing with. This fee is waived if you use our repair services.

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Hardware Repair


Repair or replace hardware in your PC. 

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Virus Removal


We clean viruses and malware off the system. Files on an infected machine can become corrupt and may not be able to be saved. If the system is beyond cleaning, a factory reset will be needed.

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We bill in 15 minute segments for $21.

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Data Recovery


We do our best to recover your data. Sometimes the device (hard drive, flash drive, etc.) is too far gone and we can not recover the data. If our best efforts fail, you will not be charged for the data recovery. (NOTE: if this is an on-site call there is a $15 travel fee)

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