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If you do not have a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your IT work, you are waiting until something breaks to get it fixed. As a MSP, WWDoT Computers monitors your IT infrastructure for potential problems. Most of the time they are fixable from our offices via remote control.

Not only is a MSP an important asset to any company, it is also an essential relationship that is formed with your IT provider. We are no longer "just the IT guy to call when something breaks," we are your partner for IT services. We are there beside you not only for computer software and hardware problems, but in case of a malware or ransomware attack. Our security packages help limit your attack surface and protect your infrastructure from potential attacks.

Can your current tech provider say the same thing? How motivated are they when it comes to fixing your IT troubles? How motivated do you think they will be to come running in case of a ransomware attack?

With an MSP by your side, you are not only getting the resources of advanced technology, you are also getting a predictable IT budget. With our service plans, your not having to dish out a bunch of money every time something breaks down. Instead, you get more value for your money knowing that you are protected if something breaks down or you end up attacked by malware.

For a small predictable fee, you have the following benefits:

  • 24/7 monitoring/alerting allows for proactive maintenance and properly maintained technology gives you a lower total cost of ownership for Increased Security
  • Website Filtering Service - Keeps employees off unwanted websites that rob productivity and cause security risks
  • Microsoft patch management keeping all of your computers up-to-date with the most recent updates and security patches
  • A smart anti-virus powered by AI and allows for full threat monitoring of your network
  • Broad range of IT expertise. You don't have to worry about your technician calling in sick or over time that needs to be paid

WWDoT Computers is here for your and your IT infrastructure. We help you stay safe and secure.

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