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WWDoT Computers is your team's IT partner in Upstate NY. We are cost effective and are ready to assist you in all of your IT needs.

Are you suffering at the hands of your current IT provider? Does it seem like they just do not understand your needs? Are things breaking and THEN you have to call for assistance? Time to hire a Proactive Service Provider.

WWDoT Computers is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and are proactive about getting your needs satisfied before they become needs. With a Proactive Management plan, we will be able to tell you if your hard drive is getting full or in need of replacing because of excess errors. As an MSP, we monitor your network and other IT assets for trouble, and get in front of the problem before it becomes a true problem.

By hiring an MSP you get the following:

  • A fixed and predictable monthly fee for all of your IT Infrastructure
  • Remote Monitoring and Management of your IT Infrastructure
  • A contract for service response times, known as a Service Level Agreement (SLA) The SLA is a guarantee that we will be there when you need us
  • Protection against threats built in with our management plans, including cloud backup and Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Weekly or monthly reports on actions taken to keep you safe
  • Weekly or monthly reports on your backup status and tests preformed
  • System security and Operating System patches installed
  • 3rd party software patches installed
  • A web console to track your tickets and invoices
  • Complete inventory of your hardware and software

Our Remote Monitoring and Management is designed to give you insights for all of your workstations and servers. WWDoT Computers monitors the health of your endpoints and detects problems before they arise and protectively maintaining your system. Some of these monitors include CPU and RAM Utilization, Disk space, and Anti-Virus status. You can rely on WWDoT Computers to resolve the situation quickly and most of the time, remotely, without the added cost of an on-site visit. We patch and update systems with critical updates so you don't have to worry about system vulnerability.

At WWDoT Computers we know the value of your budget and your time. With our managed services, you will not have to have a separate IT Department. By not having an Internal IT Department you will see a huge Return on Investment.

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WWDoT Computers

Established in 1999, WWDoT Computers has helped countless individuals with their computer needs. From new computer builds and tech support, to network design and management, WWDoT Computers helps you Take the Stress out of Your Tech™


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