IRONSCALES Anti-Phishing

IRONSCALES Anti-Phishing is an integrated bundle of powerful threat technologies that enable organizations to efficiently detect and remediate today’s sophisticated phishing attacks.

IRONSCALES Anti-Phishing includes IronTraps, an automated email phishing protection, detection and incident response module that eliminates the need for highly trained security analysts to manually deal with every email phishing threat, it also reduces the time from phishing detection to remediation from weeks or months to just seconds.


collects email threat data and alerts from different sources, allowing for incident analysis and triage to be performed automatically leveraging a combination of human and machine power to help define, prioritize and drive standardized incident response activities according to a standard workflow It makes it quick and easy for security analysts to classify reported email incidents.

The Ironsights

module was designed and built to determine the identity of the sender and the content and context of the communication. It protects you and your users from business email compromise (BEC), email spoofing and impersonations attempts by dynamically learning their mailbox and communication habits. This will prevent a look-a-like email coming from an impostor trying to imitate being one of your managers, to be detected and stopped.

It also helps organizations detect, prevent and respond to today’s sophisticated phishing attacks using sender "fingerprinting", an advanced machine learning technology that can identify the true identity of a sender.

Phishing threat intelligence is strengthened by IRONSCALES Federation delivers real-time, human verified, actionable phishing campaign intelligence collaborated on by top security experts within the Ironscales community. With WWDoT Computers and the Ironscales community, you never have to be alone in the fight against cyber crime.

The Federation

is fully integrated with IronTraps and empowers you to proactively prepare for and automatically detect and respond to new phishing attacks that have already been verified. Keeping your email free from attaks.

This bundle is compatible with Office 365 and GSuite email clients, but is not available with any other on-premises or cloud-based email products.

Some of the Key Features are:

  • IronTraps, the first and only automated email phishing protection, detection and incident response module
  • Ironsights, which is an advanced mailbox-level anomaly detection module that protects against email spoofing, business email compromise (BEC),  and impersonations attempts by dynamically learning their mailbox and communication habits.
  • The Federation, which automatically provides advanced detection and notice of trending email phishing attacks by leveraging Ironscales' virtual analyst community.

The Key Benefits are:

  • The ability to significantly reduce financial and reputational risk against emerging phishing campaigns.
  • Reduce burden on your security team's resources by leveraging peer community and freeing them up to handle other threats.
  • Ironscales detects and defends against new and emerging phishing attacks.
    Helps reduce the risk of financial loss from business email compromise (BEC) attacks.
  • It improves trust and authentication of email communications, automatically.

If you have email, you need this product. WWDoT Computers will set up Ironscales and make sure you are covered.

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