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SentinelOne (EDR)

The five pillars of a successful cybersecurity framework are Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

SentinelOne is a computer protection application. It brings prevention, detection, and response together in one unified program, all built on Artificial Inelegance (AI) and machine learning.

SentinelOne provides the detection and prevention, and rapid elimination of threats. It is automated, policy-driven, and has complete visibility into the endpoints for real-time forensics.

SentinelOne delivers real-time detection and response. It indexes a story line on the agent. This maintains context for real-time and easy threat hunting. It prevents malware before it runs. With its AI it tracks and stops all malicious activity by delivering a signature-free agnostic approach to protection.

SentinelOne Identifies threats using risk scoring without the need to scan. It collects a full application inventory and maps the applications to known vulnerabilities.

SentinelOne specializes in protecting computers from attack vectors to include file-based malware, script based attacks, exploits, in-memory attacks, and zero-day campaigns. This allows SentinelOne to block files pre-execution and identify and kill malicious process on-execution.

SentinelOne automatically detects threats and attacks across the environment regardless to how they are delivered. The behavioral AI is used to detect advanced threats on write to disk.

This helps detect threats executing on the system. SentinelOne provides responses with its remediation capabilities. The agent can automatically clean a machine by identifying the changes made by malware. All with the click of a button. This reduces the time to recovery from an attack.

SentinelOne provides Rollback, a recovery option. Rollback will restore the computer back to the state before the attack. This not only remediates the computer, but automatically restores the damaged file system. It literally rewinds the effects of an attack such as ransomware.

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