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Backing Up

“That will never happen to me.” We get through our lives telling ourselves the worst won’t happen to us. It’s the same with business: “We won’t need this data backup.” Yet, whatever your industry, secure, reliable backup ensures business as usual. So, what’s the best way to backup?

Hey Google!

Are you prompting Siri, Google, or Alexa? When you talk a home assistant, you join a growing number of smart homes. Let's find out if you are safe, really.

Disaster Recovery

One of the most important things you can do is to have a backup plan. The second most important thing you can do, is to have a recovery plan.

Broken Printer?

In this video, we will discuss a few quick fixes for your non-printing printer.

Anti-Virus Programs

In this video posting, we discuss anti-virus programs. We also have a page available for you to learn more about the EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

Backup Solutions

In this video posting, we discuss different options you have for backing up your data and reasons why. To learn more about our backup solution, visit Acronis Cloud Backup

Purchasing a Desktop

In this short video posting, we discuss the options you need to consider when purchasing a new desktop computer.

Purchasing a Laptop

In this short video posting, we discuss the options you need to consider when purchasing a new laptop computer.

Data Breach

Data breaches seem to be happening more and more. In this article we talk about 4 common causes of data breaches.

COVID-19 Hackers Looking Using People's Fears Against Them

We touch upon what you can look for in emails to tell if they are legitimate or not.

Time for an MSP?

Over the past few years, businesses have become more familiar with managed services such as data backup and recovery, hosting of email, and network monitoring.

Updating / Upgrading to Windows 10

In this video we cover the basics of why you really should update to Windows 10. We also cover some features of Windows 10 that may be helpful.

How to Keep Your Batteries Healthy

In this short video we discuss some myths about your battery and give you some tips on how to improve the life of your battery.

WWDoT Computers

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