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Why Cloud Backup?



· Start backing up your data in no time with a quick and easy-to-use service.
· Eliminates the complexity, costs, and resources required to manage an on-premise solution.

· Protect any data, any system with one, complete service.
· Select the size of storage you need today and simply buy additional space as your infrastructure grows.

· Reduce network consumption and storage costs using smart backup features.

· Provides ultra-fast recovery, ensuring you are back up and running in minutes, not hours.

· Offers both cloud and local backup for hybrid protection.

· Eliminates the need to install updates because you are always using the latest release with cloud software.

· Eliminates single point of failure.

· Eliminates the costs associated with backup tapes/drives and cumbersome tape rotation.

· Add on data protection as your needs change, protecting your original investment.

See our article on Disaster Recovery and options you have.

On-Demand Storage

$ 0.50 /month
  • Backup your data on the cloud. Only $0.50 per gigabyte per month. The more space you need the less expensive the plan becomes.
  • Ask for a quote here.

Prepay Storage Good

$ 40 /month

Prepay Storage

$ 200 /month

Prepay Storage Great

$ 400 /month

Prepay Storage Best

$ 1200 /month

Local Storage