All About WWDoT Computers

WWDoT Computers was started in 1999 in Las Vegas, NV after a lifetime love of computers. WWDoT Computers has moved with me as I moved to several states over the years, including Idaho, Arizona, and then Upstate New York, where I now reside.

I am now retired from the Air Force due to injuries sustained in the line of duty. At different times and places, I have had other techs working with me, as I now have my good friend Michael assisting me as a computer tech for our Mac computer service and other basic computer repairs.

WWDoT Computers was founded by, and is owned and operated by Christians who are striving to act with integrity and honesty, and we believe everyone should be treated kindly and respectfully! We will give you our best, so you don't have computer stress!

Our mission is to bring quality computer service and support to our neighbors and community. Ensuring a fair and honest pricing structure for home users, business users, and not for profit companies.

Meet WWDoT Computers' Talented Staff


My computer related experiences
over the years include:

  • Monitoring and managing over 250 individual users on the Air Force network, as well as monitoring the servers for Y2K.
  • Networking computers together for gaming activities, business clients, and home clients.
  • Building and maintaining the systems for our church network, web server, and live-streaming and recording of church services.
  • Servicing desktops, laptops, printers and network devices of all kinds.

Mike has been in the tech world for years fielding concerns and fixing computers for those in his community sphere. Mike is an expert with assisting people with their computer needs and helping their inconvenient tech become the useful tools they were meant to be in the first place.

WWDoT Computers

Established in 1999, WWDoT Computers has helped countless individuals with their computer needs. From new computer builds and tech support, to network design and management, WWDoT Computers helps you Take the Stress out of Your Tech™


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